Support an 8 Bit Mind..

I’ve set up a Patreon to try to defray some of the costs with hosting and running an8bitmind. I hope to be doing more with this, but to do so, I do need help.

Here are the monthly goals:


Additional Game of the Week/Blast From the Past review.

$50 per month
At this level, I will add an additional game review, be it a current release or an older game, to the site weekly.
Additional Twitch Stream weekly
$100 per month
I will run two 6-hour twitch streams weekly, instead of 1.
Daily twitch streams
$200 per month
I will run a daily twitch stream (Hours may vary)
No ads
$400 per month
I will run without any Google AdSense on the page. No ads.
Full-time job
$1,000 per month
At this level, I will make this my full time job, use the money raised to buy new and better streaming equipment, and really kick this into gear.
daily updates and weekly twitch streams!
Here arethe pledge levels

Pledge $2.00 or more per month

Be listed as an official 8bitmind supporter (either under your real name, or under a nickname, no vulgarities please)

Pledge $5.00 or more per month

Patreons at this level will be able to vote on what game they want to see me review next. (and all lower rewards)

Pledge $10.00 or more per month

First opportunity to play Multiplayer games with me (including Warcraft and other MMO’s) (and all lower rewards) (Listed as a AAA Supporter)

Pledge $20.00 or more per month

I will play the game of your choice on my twitch stream (nothing adult please, and I must be able to get the game to play it). Listed as a Super Supporter. (all lower rewards as well)

Pledge $50.00 or more per month (Limit of 5)

Be a member of the 8 bit council. Once a month, I will do a podcast or twitch stream with my 8bit council, where we talk about the status of video games, or whatever you want. Listed as 8 Bit Councillor.