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Steam suffers major account security issue.

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So I’m home from Christmas dinner, let’s see what’s been happening in the world of Steam while I was away… Oh dear.

Looking at the Steam Winter Sale and Foz’s Wishlist

And my wallet is on red alert. Double Red Alert.

Tuesday links and update

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Bit of delay on the 16 for 2016, but I’m working towards getting the third part up somewhat soon… so I just figured to throw a quick post up to follow up on a couple stories I put up earlier. First off, I can finally report that I made

Sunday Thoughts

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Thanks to the commenter on my previous article, raises some good points about how we now EXPECT Grind in our games. And the amount of “Grind” feeling can vary, even in games in the same series (Dragon Age 2’s reusing of combat maps, for example?). I would say that