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It’s been a bard’s day night…

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So, based of a discussion on my facebook page, I was encouraged to run a game of fifth edition dungeons and dragons. I then posted a suggestion in a forum I hang out in and I got signups This is going to break my brain in new and innovative

Random Musings 2: LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!

And now, for something completely different. ACTUAL VIDEO GAME CONTENT. Well, it’s old video game content. That has to count right? So, one of the purchases that have kept me going the last few months is something called the GPD Pad. It’s definitely not something you’d see in a

Random Musings Part 1: He’s baaaaaaackkkkkk.

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Random Musings (part 1): Some of these won’t be video game related, but, hey, I’m writing again. Good stuff, right? (don’t answer that) If I was building a new sports network from the ground up, I’d have one core rule. NO TALK SHOWS. No The Herd. No First Take.