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Free Fire Fandemonium on ONESDAY!

Yes, I know it’s Friday, but it’s 11/11.. so it’s ONESDAY to me. So there. So, what’s happening in the worl.. don’t go there? Ok, well at least the election’s over for four more ye.. oh. sore subject huh? Ok. Never mind. How about a little FREE FIRE FANDEMONIUM?

4/4 Free Fire Fandemonium.

Time for a post April Fool’s Day edition of Free-Fire Fandemonium. I can say that Josh Allen, has agreed to write guest articles for the blog every now and then, and graciously gave up some of his time to get the monthly shenanigans done. Let’s get to it!

Free-Fire Fandemonium for February

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DY: It’s time for a bit of Free-Fire Fandemonium and with me is Josh Allen of…