Who are you? What is This? Why is this?

Well, either you’re having an existential crisis, or you want to know more about me.

What’s This?

This is an 8 Bit Mind in an 8GB World. It’s a blog written by me, David Yellope.

Who’s this? Well, my name as I said above is David Yellope (also known as SirFozzie). I won’t go into too much detail, this is just a first post to get my blog started. And if I go listing all my biographical details, it’ll probably just come out like a dating site, or look like that guy who did a lot of bragging about himself.  I hate that.

Why This?

Well, it’s a bit of a learning experience for me to do this. I get my title from the fact that I’ve seen a lot of change in my life, but no where else can you see the tide of change as in one of my hobbies, and that is video games. I’ll be posting my views and reviews of the video game world, as weel as some Thoughts of the Moment. Let me know what you think?