Sunday Thoughts

Thanks to the commenter on my previous article, raises some good points about how we now EXPECT Grind in our games. And the amount of “Grind” feeling can vary, even in games in the same series (Dragon Age 2’s reusing of combat maps, for example?).

I would say that there are games that minimize the amount of Grind feeling (the large open-world games like Skyrim and Fallout, for example), and there are games that are NOTHING but Grind (Call of Duty, anyone?)

Anyway, on to my second thought.. we’ve gone through one of the two big Steam Sales of the year, and personally, I’m wondering if we (as a whole) are starting to be “over” the big sale. I play a lot of games on Steam. I own a lot of games on Steam. I just looked how many games I own on Steam, and came up with a number.


Now that number maybe SLIGHTLY inflated, as a few of them are review codes for games I’ve reviewed for websites. But still, when it comes around to the next sale, and I see that game marked as 65% off, I’m  starting to get that feeling that “what will this new game do for me that the games on my backlog won’t give me”.

Maybe my debit card will stop weeping tears this time of year.

Then again, I haven’t heard what will be on the Winter Sale.

So I don’t quite feel safe from that urge yet.