The Monday Blues…

Didn’t get much gaming done over the weekend, due to real life issues. But I came across a stat that I had to share with everyone. I just looked in Steam to see what games I played the most. The answer isn’t surprising about WHO, but HOW MUCH.

Top 10 Games from Foz’s Library (sorted by Hours Played)

10. Marvel Puzzle Quest (181)

9. Payday 2 (416)

8. Football Manager 2016 (436)

7. Football Manager 2009 (1,746)

6. Football Manager 2014 (3,639)

5. Football Manager 2011 (3,712)

4. Football Manager 2015 (3,807)

3. Football Manager 2010  (3,876)

2. Football Manager 2013 (4,252)

And the #1 most played game in Foz’s Library: Football Manager 2012 (4,367)


Total #8-#1: 21, 468 (or 894 and a half DAYS, or close to 30 MONTHS)


Now, this number is skewed because FM is a big game to play so to save time, I would generally leave the game open when I was at work or asleep (the better to immediately sit down and continue playing when I had a free moment).. but that number is just mindboggling. Try fitting your mind around that number. To have any game series open and running for nearly 3 years. That’s dedication. Or insanity.


Hello, I’m SirFozzie.. and I’m a Football Manager Addict.

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