Tuesday links and update

Bit of delay on the 16 for 2016, but I’m working towards getting the third part up somewhat soon… so I just figured to throw a quick post up to follow up on a couple stories I put up earlier.

First off, I can finally report that I made a (very small) profit on selling those Temporal Crystals, but it took a while, and quite frankly, I could have made more money a bunch of different ways. Selling them did allow me to buy another token, though, mind you, so I can play through at least March. I’m getting ahead of the curve now, and it looks like as long as I can continue to grind at least part of the time I play, I can keep playing WoW indefinitely.

Secondly, several folks who read the earlier parts of the 16 for 2016 agreed that they expect Total War:Warhammer to either be a complete success, or a complete flop. That’s kinda dangerous, because as we all know, nothing is absolute, and we risk being disappointed by a merely very good game.

Nice to see owners of Blood Bowl II are getting four new races for free if they already own the game. I actually liked it better then its predecessor, despite the limited choice of races compared to the previous games in the series.

It looks like the Torment Beta will be delayed into early 2016. It looks like the beta will be significant however, offering about 10 hours of gameplay.

And oh dear, it looks like the Steam Winter Sale will begin…. tonight. Batten down the wallet’s hatches, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!