Games we wish we could have.. but don’t.

A while back, I opened a topic on a couple messageboards I hang out at. The goal was to quantify what games we would love to see companies make.. even if we know for whatever reason, the games aren’t coming. Here was my initial list.

1) A first person shooter Shadowrun (this one is fairly simple. Take Payday 2’s maps and general game play.. throw in Shadowrun’s Orks/Trolls/Elves and Magic/Technical blend) Missions can be done in stealth or A Giant Troll covered in chrome walks in and starts shooting up the place). Multiplayer vs Environment (cops/corps). Can also wish for a Deus Ex style game


2) A Build Your Own Fighter Game. We haven’t had anything since Fighter Maker on. what.. PSX? PS2? Create a visual for your fighter, choose a martial Arts style (like using CAWs in the WWE game), and then as your character gets more experienced, pick new moves to expand your character’s style. (do you put points into grab for that improved suplex, or throw it into ki to throw fireballs, ala Ryu). Complete with customize a move system depending on what the input is to enter it (for example, your standard Hadouken quarter circle forward for basic moves, or a more complicated input like a charge back plus all three punches or kicks for super moves)


3) Knights Of The Old Republic 3. Like Star Wars: The Old Republic but primary emphasis is single player, but a friend can jump in and control one of your companions/teammates.


4) Jade Empire 2. Sorry. Know we’ll never get it but… it deserves to be remade on current gen at the very least.


Jade Empire. The top game of.. 2003???? Ok, I feel old.
Jade Empire. The top game of.. 2003???? Ok, I feel old.


5) Challengers for Madden/NHL (EA), NBA (2K) and MLB the show (Sony).. we need challengers to up the sports game environments

 6) Alpha Protocol 2: This game inspires arguments between me and a couple 8bitmind readers. I think the game was a cult classic, with multiple playstyles and really deserved a better result than it got. They think that it was a buggy mess of  that didn’t know what it wanted to be. I think there’s valid points from both viewpoints, but I would love to see another game where you can be any of the three JB’s (Bourne, Bauer, or Bond) as a super spy.
What’s on YOUR Dream Game List?