Looking at the Steam Winter Sale and Foz’s Wishlist

And my wallet is on red alert. Double Red Alert.

I have 45 games on my wishlist. Of those 45, 24 of them are 50% off or more this week.

Just a few to mention off hand..

Elite: Dangerous and its expansion (Elite:Dangerous:Horizons). Those of you who know me outside this blog know that I’m a night owl. And one of the streams on Twitch I’d watch was someone who played Elite:Dangerous with a full setup that just boggled my mind. Three monitors (like you would see in those old racing games to give you front window and side windows) a joystick with so many buttons I’m pretty sure one of them would initiate global thermonuclear war. Even had voice commands to deploy landing gear. And at first, I thought “he’s wasting this sweet setup on a game where you do what? A pseudo-MMO where nothing matters? But I’m liking the way it’s growing (Faction warfare, etcetera), and even though I’m afraid I’d be target bait for PVPers out there, I’ve itched to play it.

Hard West: “Excuse me, did you say “XCom like shooter set in the old west with supernatural origins?” I like the cut of your jib and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.” Seriously. Turn Based strategy games are my cup of tea and this is getting good reviews everywhere it goes.

Warhammer: End Times : Vermintide: As I mentioned previously, I love the Warhammer universe, despite Games Workshop  seemingly doing just about everything they can to alienate their customer base. This is set in the End Times apocalyptic setting, where the game play is basically Left 4 Dead with Skaven (ratmen) replacing zombies, and Warhammer staples (examples: Witch Hunter, Dwarf, Wood Elf) replacing the survivors. And despite the fact that it IS derivative, they do just enough new stuff to make the game not feel THAT derivative.

Rebel Galaxy: Yet another space exploration or combat game, but for several weeks it was all I saw talked about. Everything I’ve seen made it seem like it’s a very good game.


So, let’s see what I have on my plate going forward (Besides Christmas dinner!)… Wolverine Studios released the first football game in their Draft Day Sports series, Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2016, and I’ve put in a request for a review copy of that, which I hopefully will get post Christmas rush. Also, in the nuts and bolts side of things, I’m going to start looking for PR contacts at the various companies, so I’ll have a steady stream of new games to review here.

Speaking of games, I believe that sometime next week, we’re going to hold our first 8bitmind Twitch stream, featuring.. I’m not sure, actually. But we’ll have something to do.

I kinda feel like “It can’t be Christmas”, because well, the season has been stressful with my mother’s passing in the last couple weeks, and the weather outside is.. well, all you need to say about the weather is that it was 3 degrees cooler on Christmas Eve in New York than it was on July 4th. Think about that.