So much rage..

So, someone thought it would be funny to take out a $400 video game system out of a box and then not return it. Instead, what they put inside was a piece of wood with male genitalia drawn on it., and a vulgar “Christmas wish” on it.

Then it got sold, where it crushed a kid’s Christmas.

I try not to be a vengeful person, but I’m disgusted that someone would stoop so low to do this. This happened in my home state, and while they don’t say how it happened, (whether it was swapped out at the factory, or someone pulled a return fraud on Target and they resold it without checking the material), apparently it’s not unknown to happen to target as the Fox 25 Boston article included the section “As for what occurred, Target told the Lundy’s that it happens occasionally. “We’re not the only ones that brought something back with a wooden block,”.┬áSounds to me like if it happens enough that it’s an occasional occurrence, they need to do better job making sure, you know, that when they sell someone a $400 piece of equipment, said equipment is actually inside.

I hope there’s a time when we return this “PS4” to whoever played such a cruel joke in their personal area marked “Exit”. Turned sideways, and with sandpaper attached.


(h/t to Kotaku)