Wot I’m Playing “Draft Day Sports – Pro Football 2016”

When it comes to football sports sims, there’s a big dog in the yard, and that is Front Office Football 7, but there’s a new dog in the yard, and it has some things that FOF doesn’t. That’s Draft Day Sports – Pro Football 2016″. More below..

Draft Day Sports – Pro Football 2016 (a name so long, I can’t even acronym it properly.. I’m just going to refer to it as DDS16 for now) is a new game released by Wolverine Studios as part of their Draft Day Sports Series. While this is not a formal review (I’m working on the review for the next couple of days), I wanted to highlight a couple key features that DDS16 is bringing to the party.

That being a 2D graphical interface showing plays as they happened (if you remember the old NFL XOR Football games, it’s very similar), and custom leagues, so you don’t have to be shackled to the 32 team league like the other games on the market. So yes, this does mean that you can deflate your league (come on, I’m a Pats fan, I’m allowed to make DeflateGate jokes).

Look for the review of the game Monday or Tuesday.