Superdata study: 39 Million VR Install Base by end of 2016.

Was going to put this in the Oculus Rift article, but decided it needed a post all its own.The research company Superdata estimates that there will be 39 million people with access to VR by the end of 2016.┬áThat number is a LITTLE misleading, but if it’s anywhere near that, this is the year of VR. More details below.

This number consists of all categories of VR, from High End PC VR (The Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive), to premium mobile VR (Samsung Gear), PlayStation VR, and even the Light Mobile VR market (using devices like the Google Cardboard entry level “VR” system you put a participating Smartphone in.)

Now, even then, that number seems high to me. That number (39 million) is larger then the current install base for the PlayStation 4. There are VR games coming, including a Rock Band VR game, my impression is that if it’s even half that market, however, we are in for one wild ride in 2016