Vivendi divests itself of Activision/Blizzard stock (Values Company at 20 Billion?)

Vivendi has sold its remaining shares in Activision/Blizzard to an unknown buyer. The deal, ($1.1 Billion for 5.7% of the company) comes after seeing the stock grow 85% in the last year.┬áBig move.. but it’s not the end of Vivendi in the gaming business. Read more…

The Financial Times article says the deal (which values Activision/Blizzard around $20 billion) is part of a general asset sale by the company. They still own stakes in Ubisoft and Gameloft, and may initiate take overs of one or both.

Amazing though, that this deal values Activision/Blizzard so high.. the only comparable company in market valuation is Electronic Arts, which is valued about the same amount.



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