FTL. The Two Ways it bites you.

No, this post is not about the game FTL(which, now that I think about it, also suffers from the two forms of FTL I mention later)..  but instead of the propensity of multiplayer games to quickly turn into two other versions of FTL. And that is..

A) Fuck the Leader. Yup. You know how this is. You’re cruising along, gathering your resources, staying out of major trouble and you take a small lead in the game. Then everyone decides “Wait, that guy’s winning” and it turns into something out of EVOLVE. (and by that I mean a four on one group screwing). This leads to the propensity to attack others wildly from the start, because if you’re not, then when other people start swinging wildly, you become their natural target, because, well, you’re not playing a screwball game and actually trying to fulfill the game’s dictates.

B) For the Loss. What happens if you’re the “Leader” when A happens.

No, I’m not grumpy about the sunday night board game that turned into three people turning their ire on me and playing card after card after card on my poor guys and cancelling MY attempts to stay in the game, why do you ask? 🙂

Actually, despite the FTL-squared above happening to me tonight, it was a very close game. If I had made one final play, I would’ve won. As it turned out, I finished a respectable second despite only having two of six available tokens at the end of the game.

Which doesn’t really salve the wounds mind you.. it’s a good thing that our gaming group is so strong, or this would have been a table flip kind of night.

This must be what playing Diplomacy is like, isn’t it?




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