Big news for an8bitmind!

We have completed the upgrades, and thanks to a gift from Friend-of-Foz Seoulstar, we have an extended XSplit License! We will be running daily streams today and just about every day from now on for at least a couple hours a day.

I am also looking into acquiring a webcam, so you can see my not-so-handsome face while we play. We did a couple hours of Warcraft tank levelling.. some good, a little bit.. not so good. Got our character up from Level 15 to Level 35 fairly quickly. The nice thing about queueing as a tank is that you instantly get queued up ready to go, no waiting.

So.. we’ll start up tonight around 8 PM Eastern! Rocket League, Warcraft, and practicing for the Four for February challenge! What’s the Four For February challenge? See the next post!