More on Darkest Dungeon

You remember that old bit about the game Mastermind.. “Minutes to Learn, Hard to Master?”

Oh yeah, I’m there with the ol’DD.

It’s not just that the game is throwing new challenges at you all the time (although it is.. a winning combination in one part of the grounds is going to find it very hard going in another part of the manor grounds).

Nor is it just that the risks of the game means that it’s very hard to keep a super unit together.

It’s also because as the game grows, the developers have made it harder by relentlessly seeking out the core strategies and ways folks game the system and removing those paths to victory.

Caser in point, folks found a thing where they could keep one enemy alive and out of action (by repeatedly stunning them), and using the combat turns gained by this to heal wounded party members. The developers found out about this tactic and decided to nerf the hell out of it. Now, if combats go long, your characters gain extra stress and the enemies could actually get reinforcement.

Also, the developers have done a thorough job of finding any classes that may be overpowered and again applying the nerfbat thoroughly to it. Classes have changed thoroughly in the year+ the game has been in early access.

I wish there was an easier mode, but this is the Darkest Dungeon. It’s not the kinda-sorta-dark Dungeon.

So, yeah, this game is one of those ones where you not only have to be lucky, but good to handle. This is a game that you may put back without seeing the endboss and still have to be satisfied.