First Impressions: 5.5 Hours into XCom 2..

And I don’t want to go to bed. There’s enough there that it’s recognizably XCom, but there’s enough changed that tactics will be VERY different. And I love it because of it. How do I love XCom2? Let me count the Ways. After the Continue Reading Button of course. (oh, and SPOILERS AHOY)

As I stated in my previews, XCom 2 is the “Bad Ending” of XCom 1. The Aliens imposed their will on Earth, and have taken over the World Government, called ADVENT. You are rescued from alien storage (there’s a very good reason the aliens didn’t kill “You”, ie the Commander, as they basically use your mind as their training regimen for all their human/alien hybrid soldiers), and taken to the Avenger. This is a salvaged enemy ship hidden from ADVENT, and encouraged to kick alien ass.

The problem right now, is that there’s so many things to do it’s a bit overwhelming.

Do you attempt to contact resistance groups around the world, and enlist them into the XCom cause? That will take time. Do you need to recruit specialized engineers and scientists to research enemy projects, bringing you more on technological parity with the alien hordes? That will take time. Do you need supplies to hire more troops, and make those technological marvels? Everyone together now.. “That Takes Time!”

And Time is always going to be something in short supply. Because the Aliens have a win game condition, “The Avatar Project”. They complete that project, no matter what you do, the game is over, and you lose. For real. So you’re going to have to balance getting more toys, and more abilities, and slowing down the enemy’s project, which may take moving the Avenger into new zones, and making contact with the resistance groups.

I’ve done the first “Blacksite” mission, and even on Easy, it was painful. And why?


The Viper.. you wondered where the Thin Men from XCom 1 went? They just shed their human skins and now reach out and grab you with their tongue.
The Viper.. you wondered where the Thin Men from XCom 1 went? They just shed their human skins and now reach out and grab you with their tongue. And then hug you, squeeze you, call you George.. and kill you.

Because it’s no longer happy stupid enemies all over the map. In some missions, you do get the benefit of concealment to start the mission, and you can move people into a good position and then unleash a heavy fusillade on the unsuspecting enemies.

However, you have to be careful. Because moving slow and carefully.. yes.. “TAKES TIME”.. and a lot of missions are time limited. In those cases, you have a limited amount of turns to accomplish the objective (and in some cases, escape). Anyone not evaced by the turn limit is left behind to the alien’s tender mercies. And when you blow concealment, that means the enemies start to come FIND YOU.

At this point, I’m starting to channel Hootie and the Blowfish here.. “Time, why do you punish me?”

But while a full review will take time, (as I said, I was unable to secure a review copy, so I’m reviewing it at the same time as the rest of you all are actually playing it!), but remember a couple days ago when I posted all those reviews and said I can’t wait to play this game? I had to pull myself away from the game to write this, and I’m going right back to it.

So, I guess my first look review is just like everything about X Com 2, Enjoying it to the fullest.. TAKES TIME!