Another 8 minute video on Total War: Warhammer!

The folks behind the Total War series recently released a new 8:00 video on the Empire campaign for Total War: Warhammer.¬† To say I’m interested is a massive understatement.. and this video in this article¬†doesn’t make the wait any easier.Something interesting is how each campaign has its own mechanic. Orks are defined by their Fightiness (the massive WAAAGH! they create is like a tidal wave, except with angry greenskins instead of water).. while the Empire is based off a more traditional base of officers and upgrades. The snapshot is in the middle of a campaign game, so it’s interesting to see how things change mid game.

The game comes with four playable factions (The Empire (humans), The Dwarves, the Vampire Counts, and the Greenskins (Orks and Goblins). The game is set to be the first in a trilogy (which will probably add other playable races from the Warhammer world, such as the eternal rivalries between the High Elves, and their bitter, twisted and wicked cousins, the Dark Elves).