Deadpool movie is a massive hit.

It seems like the Deadpool movie is a massive, MASSIVE hit. Or considering the source material, more like a massive pistol shot exploding multiple heads at the same time, or slicing off.. wait. Getting side tracked here. The numbers are in on Deadpool, and it’s huge. (that’s what she said.)Considering it made $200 million or so between US and overseas in its first few days of release..¬†Yeah. It’s a big hit, especially considering the budget is about $60 million. (now where did I put that that IT PRINTS MONEY gif I’ve been saving?). Oh, and you can’t have Deadpool without showing him in action, but I don’t want to google images from the film because I’m planning to see it shortly.. here’s Deadspool showing his Ryu game is strong, in an attempt to get Wolverine to fight him. (hey, it’s better then my other choice, the one with Deadpool in his X-“Men” outfit.)

Deadpool’s the best at what he does bub.. in this case annoying Wolverine into a fight… by Dragon Punching Kitty Pride. Bad idea. Horrible idea. Typical Deadpool Idea.