Street Fighter V has a rough release

Yeah, I think this game is DEFINITELY undercooked.¬†Street Fighter V was released overnight, and the result was overwhelmingly meh. There’s the usual complaints (unable to change keybinds) etcetera, but there’s a lot of VALID complaints about the game’s missing some key elements.

“Story Mode” apparently is a series of two to four round “prologues” for each character, with the AI set to an easy difficulty. There’s no way to have the traditional “you vs CPU” best of three rounds fight. Worst of all, the servers just about up and died overnight.

One of An8BitMind’s streaming friends, Togashi Azrael, reported only being able to play a few games last night¬†due to a number of server crashes and errors. Things are so bad that Street Fighter V executive producer Yoshinori Ono tweeted a public apology about the servers, saying amongst the things that needed to be improved, servers needed to be worked on the most.

The general feeling of the release so far is that there’s a great fighting game in here, but it’s going to be several months before that potential is realized. Hard to understand why the game was released in this state when you never get a second chance to make a first impression.