Rocket League introduces ban for Ranked Play modders

A lot of players don’t like “Wasteland”, one of the maps in rotation for Ranked Play in Rocket League. They think it was too different then the standard arenas in play… so some found a way to mod it out of their playlists for Ranked Play. Psyonix has now stopped that in its tracks.

Amongst the changes in the 1.12 patch, people found to have modified their files in such a manner will be banned from ranked play until they fix their files to be standard. I can understand both sides of the story.. the Wasteland arena is different enough from the standard arenas that it can throw folks off. To use a real sport example, most basketball courts are standard, and it’d be like some American football fields are 115 yards instead of 100 yards between endzones. But I can see Psyonix’s point. Wasteland is really just the first non-standard arena and folks need to have different challenges to prevent issues.

The game is in the process of being released on Xbox One as a $20 release, but with all previous expansions being added.