The Pre-Load: Weekend of 2/27-2/28

It’s about that time, no, not to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme, (sorry Funky Bunch), but to bring forth the Pre-Load, what we have on tap for this weekend here at An8BitMind..

  1. We’re going to be taking a look at Necropolis,┬áthe rogue-like dungeon simulator from Harebrained Schemes..
  2. There are rumors we’ll know a lot more about the PlayStation VR unit in mid March, we’ll go into details
  3. Rocket League has had a big couple weeks, we’ll explain…
  4. News on Fire Emblem Fates sales.. hint: it’s big. Really big.
  5. And yes, the return of the Twitch stream, now that the website is fixed.
Be there, or.. I dunno, be a hypotenuse?