Will the last publisher at E3 Please turn out the lights?

I’m getting kind of concerned about the future of E3. It started with Nintendo preferring small focused events around the world rather then the extravaganza that is E3. Since then, several big names have jumped on the bandwagon.

We’re talking big names, like Blizzard. Electronic Arts. Disney, and even some smaller companies like Wargaming. Is this the end for the semi-venerable yearly extravaganza?

In my opinion (be it humble or otherwise), it’s the sign that E3 is circling the drain. Before, in the age of print publications, it was the way to set the expectations for the year going forward. We would wait for the gaming magazines (and then later, for the youtube videos)¬†and argue endlessly about what games we wanted to play..

Today, we have Early Access on Steam, as well as “Get a big name YouTube star to preview your game”. So, something like E3, where the general public couldn’t attend, needs to morph into something more like the PAX convension series sponsored by Penny Arcade. Where the general public can see it, and form their impressions of it, and if positive, spread it to their friends.

I hate to say it, especially when I’m just trying to break into the business, but companies don’t need us to hype people up about¬†upcoming games. In this day and age, they can do that just fine by themselves.