Fable Legends cancelled. Lionhead Studios on the Chopping Block

Well, it looks like it’s a 2 for one in wishing “Requiescat in pace” to both Fable Legends and Lionhead Studios.

For those of you who don’t speak Latin, it’s “Rest In Peace” as Microsoft announced today that work on Fable Legends had ceased, and they were in discussion with Lionhead studios about closing the studio entirely. While it seems like there’s still time for Microsoft to change their minds, you don’t put that kind of notice out publicly unless discussions were advanced. We mentioned Fable Legends as part of our 16 for 2016 series back in late December. It becomes the first game off the 2016 list to be cancelled entirely (Mass Effect Andromeda has slipped to 1Q 2017).

We’ll have more on this as it happens.