Let the Fool’s Day Commence.. far far away..

Turns out April Fool’s jokes are funnier when they’re not happening to you. 😉

I laughed at Gmail’s GMail Mic Drop addon (I even said that I wish they’d make it a regular feature)

Then I giggled over one of the webcomics I read, Questionable Content, pulled a joke out that they were sold to the conglomerate Conde Nast

I remembered to avoid the April Fool prank put in Football Manager series

Then I got bit myself.

Complete with squinted eyes and look. That was me.
Complete with squinted eyes and look. That was me.



I use ElvUI, an addon for World of Warcraft that makes the interface better for people who are raiding and need specific information. I love it, even though I have to manually install the updates (auto updates is a paid service). So, when I logged in, I get a message that ElvUI needs to make some changes for optimization purposes. I hit the OK button, and every thing changed.

What I got was NOT ElvUI. It was completely different. It popped up a message saying that they were ending the ElvUI branch and moving it over to their other UI setup, TukUI, which is completely different.

I panicked.

“Don’t you know how much time I’ve spent with this UI? I’ve got it working the way I wanted.. and now, I have to do it all over again.”

Then I looked at the clock. (12:45 AM on *1 April, 2016*)

(Fozzie does the facepalm here)

On their forums they gave instructions on how to reset it, and it goes away on April 2nd anyway. But yeah… time to make sure I don’t get bit by any more pranks today.