So.. .two days into Legion..

And I haven’t thrown anything at my computer yet. That’s a good sign. (note: Spoilers for Legion’s storyline after the continue reading tag)What I’ve done so far.

My first main character (a hunter) has done their artifact quest, but that’s just about it.

My second main character (a protection warrior), has all three artifacts for his class, has made it to Level 104, and is halfway through his second zone.

Shit is absolutely EPIC-level.


I’m talking about being the leader of the Warrior Class Hall, which is freaking VALHALLA. (ok, it’s Odyn and Heymdall.. but that’s about how little change there is). I send fleets of warriors across Azeroth to gather materials. My main artifact has been upgraded six times. (yes, just a base artifact is yawn-inducing). I have over 1 million hit points. Which is a good thing, because not only have I been to Valhalla, I’ve also been sent to Helheim (complete with three headed dog). I just finished helping the oldest blue dragon left in the world fight off an attack from a horde of ravening degenerate magic-sucking fallen elves.

Top marks so far.

You want to know the difference between dedication and obsession though?

There are people who have already hit the maximum level and are doing HEROIC level dungeons while they wait for the raid instances to be unlocked. TWO DAYS INTO THE NEW EXPANSION! That’s not dedication, that’s obsession.

I kinda-sorta envy them and pity them at the same time.