Free Fire Fandemonium on ONESDAY!

Yes, I know it’s Friday, but it’s 11/11.. so it’s ONESDAY to me. So there. So, what’s happening in the worl.. don’t go there? Ok, well at least the election’s over for four more ye.. oh. sore subject huh? Ok. Never mind. How about a little FREE FIRE FANDEMONIUM?

Just some real life stuff: El Casa Del Fozzie is officially going to be a thing, as we had an offer accepted, so the great move will be happening some time in February.  Looking around my scattered possessions, I think I could use a half a fire.

Got into Legion raiding with a friendly group (How friendly? They offered to pay my server transfer fee in WoW just so I’d join their guild!). Still having fun, and I’m really stoked about some of the stuff they announced at BlizzCon, maybe I’ll have a post about that later this week.

Nice to see Wasteland 3 hit its funding goals last week (raising 3.1 Million, on a 2.5 million goal). I was going to back it, but two things stopped me. One)my budget, as always is tighter then yoga pants on an elephant (you’re welcome for that mental image), and two) the game isn’t due out until winter 2019. That’s just too long to “give them the money, then wait”, even with a significant discount.

A new Call of Duty, a new Titanfall, a new Civilization, a new Dishonored.. Who says there’s no new ideas out there in today’s gaming world? Of course, I’m gushing about the latest expansion for a 12 year old game, two sports games yearly releases, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. So, yeah, as always, I’m part of the problem. Never said I wasn’t.

Oh wait. Tyranny! While I can’t afford that just yet, I’m hearing VERY good things about the storyline. (Most games where you serve evil is “Puppy Kicking” level or unbelieveably treacle redemption storyline. They seem to avoid those pitfalls. Let’s see how it goes.

Shame to see Mafia III come up short in the rankings, I found the time frame (and the storyline) to be more interesting than “Grand Theft Auto/Saints Row Clone X”.

A bit short, but that’s because it’s morning, and as my first Executive Order as President would be to ban mornings. Entirely.

We have some more stuff coming this week:

A review of Wolverine Studios Pro Basketball Game that just came out, and the grand daddy of the sports sim genre, FM17 is out. I’ll explore my addiction with the game!

Keep gaming.