PAX is here, but I’m not there…

And this is my sad face. Although with the weather outside, this is also my warm face. As some of you know, I live just outside the city of Boston, where PAX East is taking place this week. I think it’s great.. but could they have it a BIT later in the year?

I mean, yesterday we had 4 inches of snow, as of right now, it’s 19 degrees (but FEELS like -4, according to AccuWeather). It’s not supposed to get any warmer tomorrow. Which really stinks, because half the fun of things like this and GenCon (the other geek extravaganza that I’ve attended), is that you’re amongst your “tribe”, not only in the convention center, but in the local restaurants, stores, and even on planes. I mean, when I could afford to go to GenCon each year (before my health problems got bad), just getting on the plane to Indianapolis, you could look around and see a good amount of people who were going to Indy for the same reason.

But if you’re up there, have fun, say hi to my friends (including a couple streamers, Poetic/Ashley and Haley), and.. um.. stay warm. Please. I don’t want your everlasting opinion of my area to be frostbite.