Too many games to play!

You know that you have too many games to play when you hear that the game you backed is going to be delayed from a March 15th Beta, and the feeling isn’t disappointment, it’s “Thank God”. But this summer’s going to be a good one.


Here’s what’s on our playlist for the next few months:

Torment: Tides of Numenera: The turn based role playing game renaissance continues as this just came out a couple weeks ago. It’s a spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, but it uses the Cypher system popularized by Monte Cook. It’s different, but I love how flexible it is, you don’t really minmax (there’s three stats that you track), and you can theoretically spend some of your stat pool (temporarily) for a boost to your chance to succeed on a key roll. The game is also flexible enough that if you went for the talking type, you can avoid most combats fairly easily, so a lot of the “grind” where you’re too high for some content, but running into content that will just grind you into the dust is missing.; The writing seems very good, and while I haven’t been able to spend more than a couple hours on it so far, I think this is going to rate highly on my year-end list.

Battletech: Due to an ill-timed but necessary Unity engine upgrade, the Harebrained Schemes team recently announced that the beta (which had been scheduled for this week), was going to be delayed. At this point, however, I think everyone’s consensus is that with their last three games set in the Shadowrun universe, they have a reputation for quality and the prevailing feeling is “We want you to make the best game possible, and we’re hyped but willing to wait.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: This falls under the category “Duh, of course I’m going to play it”.. I just don’t know what system for, I will take advantage of the Origin Access pre-release, then either buy it for the PC or PS4 (there is no early-release play on the PS4). I’m severely hyped for this.

Out of the Park Baseball 18: Yeah, I’m getting that itch for baseball again (even with all the snow and ice outside).  We’ll have a review of that shortly after release, but I’m seeing some good stuff as they try to repeat as the MetaCritic Top PC game of the year.

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017: It’s madness I tell you! I mean, today I’m going to be playing it while watching that multi-cast, as the first two days of the tournament provide all the thrills one could ask for (although if we could get another national championship game like last year, that would be a bonus).

Throw in the usual suspects (Football Manager 17, Motorsport Manager, Marvel Puzzle Quest, World of Warcraft).. Can we slow down earth’s rotation a bit so we can have 40 hours a day? I need the extra time for gaming. What’s that you say? It would irrevocably alter Earth’s climate, causing the eventual extinction of the human race? Hmm. I need some time to think about that then.