So, been having a bit of a break, because I really haven’t had much to say, but I’m breaking that sabbatical, because of the news of the last week.

It seems that a noted video game composer was accused of some pretty bad #MeToo related stuff, and subsequently committed suicide this weekend.

This is of course, enraging all the people to go after GamerGate’s favorite targets, women in video games, in general, and specific (one of the first people to make the accusations was one of the women previously targeted as part of the GG bullshit.

I’m sad.

I’m sad that someone who apparently was having severe mental issues (that likely were behind some of his actions) felt that there was no escape other then ending their own life.

I’m sad for the family they left behind.

I’m sad for the people who were harmed by this person’s previous actions, that their trauma is going to be weaponized and used against them. That their attempts to come clean about the trauma they suffered will be blamed for another’s decision to take their own life.

I’m sad that the family’s wishes to not turn this into the latest Gamer’s Crusade is going to be ignored because it gives people a reason to be misogynistic assholes.

I’m sad that future people may not come forward to state the trauma and abuse they went through. Or that people will feel like there is no way to make up for past actions largely to blame for mental illness, and let it drag them down into the abyss.

It’s sad.

If there’s anything to come out of this sadness, it’s this:

If you, or someone you know, is at risk of suicide, please, PLEASE, call the National Suicide Hotline. Call 1-800-273-8255.

Because nothing good can come out of suicide. Nothing can’t be fixed, or at least made better.

In the end, I need to share a quote from science fiction writer Spider Robinson’s Callahan Cross-Time Saloon series.

“Shared Pain is Lessened. Shared Joy is increased. Thus, we refute entropy.”