Ok, the time warp is confirmed..

Earlier this week, we saw that the 80’s were back with the Coleco Chameleon. Now, we move into the 90’s with another Blast from the Past name resurrected.

Let's do the time warp... .againnnnnnnnn (SEGA!)
Let’s do the time warp… .againnnnnnnnn (SEGA!)

The Dreamcast 2 would be a PC/Console Hybrid┬áthat can play both Sega games digitally downloaded to the system, as well as PC games apparently. While this is still very early in the design process, and there is no guarantee that this system would even make it past this early dream/prototype stage, it’d be rather interesting to see a new concept to go with the current three console market along with Steam PC Machines, etcetera.

A mockup of the proposed new Dreamcast system
A mockup of the proposed new Dreamcast system

Although I wonder, we’ve seen a brand from the 80’s reborn, and now one from the 90’s. What dead concept from 2000-2009 will we see reborn?



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