Fozzie unleashes his inner jerk at Rocket League

Rule #1 when you play Foz, and my friends (Seoulstar and BrianD) at Rocket League?

Talk Shit?

Get Hit.

We played a pair of Ranked games against the same team. First game, they won 3-1.My friend Seoulstar was going for a ball and demo’d an opponent, who swore at him in chat. They then talked shit to us, and of course, we responded in kind.

Next game, we get matched up with the same opponent team. I decide I’m going to be Fozzie the Asshole (which is a valid strategy in this game). That guy who started throwing a shit fit? He was their goalie.. so I just ignored the ball and kept driving into him, so he couldn’t play goalie. That drove him nuts, and soon he left the net alone to prevent me from annoying him (and they didn’t have anyone cover the net to clear things out, so they had to scramble everytime we broke on them).  Between that and they gave us plenty of room when we were driving (thinking we were going to play the man, not the ball) We won that second game.