Oculus Rift Pricing Announced, Pre Orders begin.

Hoo boy, $600? I  guess it will still be the future to me.. although I will certainly be interested to see how it goes. More details below.They said the first shipments of the Rift would begin in late March, and pre-order demand has already crashed the site once. Pre-orders are flying off the metaphoric shelves. I’m going to give it a couple months before saving up my pennies for this, and it doesn’t seem like I’m alone, I saw an article that your willingness to buy a VR system early was inversely proportional to your age. But it still looks like the “big thing” of 2016, and hey, Oculus folks, if you want me to review one in the meantime, send me an email! (grins).

We’ll have more VR news coming in our weekly news update.