Huge boost for Rocket League

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Came across an interesting article on GameSpot about Rocket League having a couple of huge months.┬áThey now have over 4 million sales of the core Rocket League game, and combined with the seven million who downloaded the game on PS Plus, it means that they have 11 million players. That’s not all.

Rocket League Fun for gamer skill levels 9 to 99

Rocket League Fun for gamer skill levels 9 to 99

Two months ago, Psyonix announced that the game had earned $50 million between base game sales and DLC. That number has jumped twenty million since, to $70 million, and that doesn’t count the recent move of Rocket League to the Xbox One, nor the upcoming DLC pack to take advantage of the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. At this point, I’m kinda shocked they haven’t announced plans for a sequel, or rushed out tons of DLC to capitalize on the interest. Then again, why mess with what’s working?


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