OOTP pairs with ESPN, Elias writers for All Time Tournament

Just got a press release from the folks at OOTP Developments. They’ve paired with some top baseball folks to try to determine what was the best team of all time. They even called it “16 for ’16”.. (I totally should demand royalties.. kidding!)

Here’s the list of people they’ve worked with to pick 12 of the 16 teams that will be in the tournament:

  • Tim Kurkjian – ESPN
  • Neil Paine – FiveThirtyEight
  • Mark Simon – ESPN
  • Brian Kenny – MLB Network
  • Ken Hirdt – Elias Sports Bureau
  • Rob Tracy – Elias Sports Bureau
  • CJ Nitkowski – MLB Analyst
  • Kat Bailey – Hit The Pass/US Gamer
  • Gus Ramsey – Committee Chairman
We’ll know 12 of the 16 teams in the tournament tomorrow at 9 PM eastern on a live twitch stream on OOTP’s twitch stream. After that, fans like you and I will get a chance to vote on the last four teams in via a fan vote for the next six days (10th through 15th, inclusive). Then, they will be broadcasting selected matchups on the twitch stream from March 24th through April 14, including the final series entirely.
As a sports sim grognard, this hits me right in the buying pocket. A way to actually pit the Murderer’s Row of the 1927 Yankees versus the Big Red Machine of the 1970’s Reds? Yes please.
Just a reminder, the game is in its pre-release period, and those who buy it now will get access to the gold master on 3/18, four days before its release, as well as a Steam code on 3/22.
You can check out the website, the tournament and more features at http://www.ootpdevelopments.com