OOTP announces the “16 for ’16” championship bracket

The gold master for Out of the Park Baseball’s latest opus, Out of the Park Baseball 17 is out, and we will have a review of it on or around the 22nd which is the official release date. They also announced the sixteen teams that will make up their historical tournament.

12 of the 16 teams were elected by an all star panel asked to rank the 20 best teams of all time and the last four teams were voted on by the community. This led to some issues, unfortunately, but it’s still an interesting concept.

Here’s the matchups:

(seeds are in parenthesis, games will be played at the lower seed using their historic era settings)

(1) 1927 Yankees vs (16) 1932 Yankees

(8) 1970 Orioles vs (9) 1984 Tigers

(4) 1975 Reds vs (13) 1976 Reds

(5) 1929 Philadelphia Athletics vs (12) 1902 Pirates

(2) 1998 New York Yankees vs (15) 1995 Indians

(7) 1986 Mets vs (10) 1906 Cubs

(3) 1934 Yankees vs (14) 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers

(6) 1961 Yankees vs (11) 2001 Seattle Mariners


Now, maybe it’s my disappointment that there are no Red Sox teams here, but Honestly, do we need the 1927, 1932 AND 1934 Yankees? Not to mention the Big Red Machines of 1975-76. Wish they had used a “Best team in its era” for small dynasty runs like that.


They’ll be simming the games live on The OOTP Developments website. You can still pre-order the game, which comes out Tuesday.