Legion’s pre-patch is not very Legion-dary..

I’m sorry for the pun. (actually, I’m not). But the storyline in Legion’s 7.0.3 patch in the weeks leading up to next Tuesday’s full release has been underwhelming. Very close to non-whelming, in fact.

So, there’s two parts to Legion’s pre-patch, first, demons invade various locations in Azeroth, with the frequency of invasions increasing as we got closer to release. Good and bad here, it’s a good feeling to take on the Demons and feel like you’re actually defending the world against demonic forces… at least the first few times you do it. But of course, this being World of Warcraft, you must issue some kind of grind, so there’s items only available during this storyline event, and you earn a currency for each invasion you do, as well as every boss you kill. Some of it is useful for a time, (most of the gear you can buy with the currency will be obsolete pretty much day 1 of Legion), and some are cosmetic. It gets real boring, real quick.

The other part is actually worse. It’s a series of 10 quests broken into three weeks, where Archmage Khadgar attempts to find the Pillars of Creation, an ancient artifact that will help close the gateway the Burning Legion is using to invade Azeroth. It starts ok, (taking you to Medivh’s stronghold to retrieve a book that might have information on where the Pillars are), but then, it gets real disjointed real quick. Especially since the quests are time-gated, I was left wondering “Ok, what do I do now”, only to read up that the next part of the quest will not be offered to me until the next week.

The last week was really bad however, as you travel to Dalaran and.. zap arcane anomalies. Yeah, that’s heroic. That’s janitor work. The end of it shows the Kirin Tor preparing to teleport the city of Dalaran over the Broken Isles. But it doesn’t tell you what you have to do, so about 200 people were standing there like “Are we waiting for something to happen?”

Hearing real good things  about Legion’s gameplay, but not a fan of how we’re getting there.