2K celebrates 25 years of “Just one More turn of Civilization…” with Civ 6 Collector’s Edition

25 years. That’s quite a few “Just one more turn…” that turned into “How’d it get to 5 AM” experiences, and I had my share of them. With the next iteration of the Civilization series coming in October, Firaxis has a chance to go big, and they are…

The Civilization VI “25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” packs in a lot of goodies, including a commemorative coin set, a 100 page art book, soundtrack, four pieces of downloadable content, and even a copy of Civ 6! (yes, that’s sarcasm. I don’t think game companies have figured a way to sell the public “Collector’s Editions” of games that don’t have the game. I think, at least).

It’s pricy ($90), but heck, you were going to be up at 5 am playing the game anyway, so why not play just one more turn in style? You can read more about the 25th Anniversary edition at Game Informer.