Random Musings 2: LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!

And now, for something completely different.


Well, it’s old video game content. That has to count right?

So, one of the purchases that have kept me going the last few months is something called the GPD Pad. It’s definitely not something you’d see in a gaming store

It’s a gaming machine (complete with buttons layout, like a real console. I would compare it to the old Nintendo 3ds, except there’s only one touch screen.) But while it’s usefulness as a gaming android is pretty good, that’s not its primary function. What it is, at it’s base, is a handheld gaming console shaped android device designed to play ROMs of older games.

(yes, this can be a problem. Don’t pirate, mmmkay? And if you do, I didn’t tell ya to do it).

But it has allowed me to connect directly to my gaming past. And it’s something that I have loved doing. So many memories. So many catchphrases.

For example, for gamers of a certain age, I’m going to quote the game I was playing a certain age, and that one quote should bring back a memory of the game, its soundtrack, everything.

Yes, this is 90’s gaming in a nutshell.


Yes, I’m talking about Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing. Back in the 16 bit days, it was made by a small publishing company that you’ve probably never heard of. (Oh wait, it was pre Warcraft/Starcraft Blizzard Entertainment, nevermind). But it was a simple racing game that featured a 16-bit chiptune soundtrack of some of the greatest classic rock songs (Radar Love, the Theme From “Peter Gunn”, Bad to the Bone, a little Black Sabbath). Add in Larry “Supermouth” Huffman and you got one hell of a sit down and play gaming experience.

Smooth gaming play, easy to pick up and play, and a soundtrack that kicks ass. This game is over a quarter century old, but it definitely kicks the ass of a lot of today’s games. Focused gameplay beats thousands of options. Even now.