Random Musings Part 1: He’s baaaaaaackkkkkk.

Random Musings (part 1):

Some of these won’t be video game related, but, hey, I’m writing again. Good stuff, right?

(don’t answer that)

If I was building a new sports network from the ground up, I’d have one core rule. NO TALK SHOWS. No The Herd. No First Take. No Pardon The Interruption. My network would host two things.

Sports (and preferably live sports/first-run sport)
Sports Highlights.

24/7. I know old men yelling at each other is nice cheap programming for the networks, but man, I can’t stand sports talk radio because it’s people rehashing the same thing over and over and over. Sports is great specifically because you never know what you’re going to get at the start of a game, while with talk shows we KNOW what we’re going to get. Hot takes designed for sound bites, with people arguing things they don’t even believe.

I love sports. I am a fan of many sports, even stuff that’s not normally popular here in the US. Stuff like Aussie Rules Football, the various types of Rugby and even cricket. ESPN is to blame for the Aussie Rules addiction, it was cheap programming filler in the old days, and it seemed so bizarre, with the umpires in heavy coats in hats, finger pointing to announce goals, the giant flags.

It was a whole another world.

A world I fell in love with.

Now, my addiction is a set of channels

One is the Fox Sports networks, primarily Fox Soccer Plus (yes it still exists). It hosts Rugby League, Aussie Rules and Soccer. 97% of their content is live sports, or reruns of live sports. If I want to veg out and watch a game, I can just tune in to it at any time. Add to that BeIN Sports, which again, is 95% event-based programming, and believe it or not, Willow TV, which is 95% either highlights of events or airing the events themselves (cricket can be such a long game that it’s the ultimate comfort thing to watch in the background while doing things (for example, typing up this article).

So, my sports network? SPORTS. NOTHING BUT. Between airing whatever major sports I could get my hands on, re runs of those events late at night, and time-shifted sports events from elsewhere.. That’s my gig.

I just wish others shared my view and got rid of the screaming hot takes.

More coming shortly, with actual video game related content.