Wot I WANT to Play: PC Games in 2022

The future is so bright, gotta wear the shades…

So, we talked about the games I’m playing, and the games I’m NOT playing right now. So, all that’s left are PC Games that I want to play in 2022 and beyond. I’ve tried to provide Steam links wherever possible

F1 Manager 22: The folks behind the well-received Motorsport Manager game doing a full F1 game? Um.. tasty. Out soon too (August 25th). The gameplay looks similar

Cyber League Football: Holy shit, an unofficial CYBERBALL sequel? I came across this during a random “What’s upcoming” Steam search, and immediately wish listed it

Marvel’s Midnight Suns : You had my interest at “Superheroes meet X-Com” you have my attention with MARVEL Superheroes meet X-Com. Of course, the ultimate would be a XCom style Superheroes game that can handle any kind of hero, but One can dream

Terra Invicta : Made by the folks who brought the uber-popular Long War mods for the XCom reboot series, this deals with a similar plot point (aliens are found on earth), but deals more with the politicking and strategizing of the factions on Earth that deal with said Aliens. Looking forward to it.

Match Point: Tennis Championships : How long has it been since a truly good, accurate tennis game? Top Spin? Maybe back to Super Tennis (SNES?). Well, I don’t know if Matchpoint will break that dearth, but hell, it’s going to be on Gamepass so I’ll give it a chance

World Championship Boxing Manager 2: Ok, this tickled my interest, a lot of it because it’s the direct sequel to a game from 1991. Thirty Plus years! We need more build-a-boxer type games, and while I have no idea if it will be any good, it’s worth a shot.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge (yet another old-school beat-em-up, this time with the Turtles, April O’Neil, Casey Jones and… MASTER SPLINTER? YES PLEASE. (Technically, I should be playing, it came out mid-june, at the time I’m writing this)

Rogue Trader (Owlcat Games transferring their style of game into the Warhammer 40K universe? YES PLEASE

Knights of the Old Republic Remake: Remaking one of the best RPG’s ever with modern graphics and adding features that were not possible in the OX (Original Xbox) days? YES PLEASE TIMES TWO.