Paramount sentences all of us to three more years of Transformers Movies.

Remember the time when we thought “Hey great, how awesome will it be to see Optimus Prime and Megatron battle it out on the movie screen?”

How naïve we all were.

But unfortunately, Paramount is still hearing the Ka-Ching Ka-ching sound of cash registers so, they’ve put THREE more Transformer movies on the schedule. Transformers 5 (June 13, 2017)will be the last one directed by Michael Bay (hooray!), then Bumblebee will get his origin story in Transformers 6 (June 8th, 2018), and then if we haven’t all stormed the Bastille and convinced Paramount that our childhood is already dead, so please stop killing it further,  Transformers 7 is on the schedule for June 28th, 2019.

I wish I was joking about the Bumblebee origin story movie.

But interesting thing is, these movies are currently scheduled to go head to head with a couple big name movies.. Transformers 6 is going to go against Wonder Woman, and Godzilla 2 and Transformers 7 are on the same release date.

Now, a lot can happen in the next three years, so these dates are more tentative then.. well.. I dunno, a blind date where you can see them first? A lot can happen. Who knows. Michael Bay may decide to keep making Transformers movies.

God help us all if that happens.

At least we have Transformers: Devastation to play.

Never MIND Devastator, Optimus Prime, save us all from Michael Bay!
Never MIND Devastator, Optimus Prime, save us all from Michael Bay!